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EuroScholars Site Visit 2016

Since 2013, EuroScholars started to organise a 1-week site visit to the European institutions offering the EuroScholars Program.
These site visits are set up in cooperation with ISA (International Studies Abroad).
By organising these site visits, which is mainly designed for Honors and Undergraduate Research administrators, faculty, and advisors at US and Canadian universities,  we aim to increase the interest of university staff members and their students for research abroad opportunities within the EuroScholars Program.

In the week of 6 November 2016 the EuroScholars Site Visit was organised and hosted by: University of Zurich, Karolinska Institutet and University of Helsinki

During this week, our site visit participants from 10 US institutions learned about the research opportunities and facilities which are offered to students. The participants also met with the 22 current EuroScholars students who were participating in the EuroScholars MidStay program, which was organised by and at the University of Helsinki. The site visit group was guided by Emily Busse (ISA) and Usha Mohunlol (EuroScholars Office).

Our guests came from the following US institutions:

New Mexico State University, DePauw University, Colorado State University, California Lutheran University, Chapman University, Grove City College, Virginia Tech University, University of Tennessee-Knoxville, Bethel University and  Marquette University.

Reviews on the Site Visit: