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Research projects

The EuroScholars Program offers a very broad range of research projects in almost all fields of interest. The research projects are specialised and very diverse, variying in nature by the host university.

Have a look at our database for the description of the projects and requirements.

You can search for a project in different ways:

  • Either by typing a word in the "search entry" then click on search.
  • Or by clicking on a country and / or university and / or field of interest.
  • Or by clicking on a field of interest.

This database contains many research projects, however, it does not cover all the projects which are available at the 9 European universities. In case you might not be able to find a project of your interest, please contact us by email and your request will be put forward to all of the institutions to find a suitable solution.

Nick Lund (St. Olaf College / KU Leuven, S2015)

Meredith Ware (University of Houston / University of Zurich, S2015)

Hayley Barone (St. Edward's University / Leiden University, S2015) wrote about her research on the Leiden Institute for Brain and Cognition blog